Looking to become a dealer?

For retail locations we offer a unique display rack that shows the wheels in three different angles, professionally built catalogs, user friendly tech books, double-sided posters and real-time inventory lookup available to you 24 hours a day.  Whether you have a retail location or sell primarily online, XO Luxury is fully committed to supporting our Dealer.  The XO Luxury team is highly trained in vehicle applications, well versed in online marketing, constantly supporting and attending car events while taking pride in providing you with the proper sales tools you need to be successful.  The XO Luxury in-house design team not only designs wheels but also has a huge brake caliper bank on hand to make sure the wheel is an exact fit.  XO Luxury Wheels is positioned to drive sales to you.

We also understand the critical need to have up-to-date and accurate information when selling wheels online.  That is this website has high resolution wheel images, easy to import spec sheets, full vehicle gallery that is constantly updated with professional images and real-time inventory lookup available to you 24 hours a day.  These online features give you all the information you need to incorporate the XO Luxury  Wheel Collection into your online success.

The XO Luxury team has many years experience owning one of the busiest retail stores in the United States.  This experience gives XO Luxury a unique understanding of the wheel industry.  We look at wheels from the perspective of the sales person, which translates into an easy to work with program designed to give your sales team the advantage.

Becoming an XO Luxury Wheels Authorized Dealer has never been easier. Just download and complete the application below, submit it and we will get everything set up.